For english speaking guests

International inspiration

Some of my most valued mentors do not speak Norwegian. I also have the pleasure of adressing english speaking audiences once in a while. The work we have been doing in Drammen the last 15 years has shown to be of interest to an international audience. 

Please find the latest international presentation here..

First and foremost colleagues in different faith communities have been very open to share learning points when it comes to interfaith work.

Translation of the website

You will be able to read all written content in this website with a translation app you will find top right on the page. Not perfect, obviously, but better than nothing.

This page is set up to give you a direct link to video and sound published in English.

Please send me an e-mail if you would like to learn more. (Go to the page Kontakt and fill in the form.) 

Life, death and dialogue

September 13th 2019 is my second birthday. I suffered a massive heart attack and my heart stopped. Good friends at the gym did the right thing and our brilliant health service managed to revive me. 

I tell my story in the TEDx video – also why dialogue is of such great importance to me.