Suleman Nagdi

-Let us be of service to humaniy in the best possible way we can
Publisert i Ypsilonsamtaler 04/06/2020
Suleman Nagdi was 19 years old when he moved with his family to Britain from Zimbabwe in the late seventies. The security situation was difficult and they had to leave Africa and start from scratch in Leicester. Suleman spent all his spare time on voluntary work for the community, and has been building structures of cooperation during four decades. Among these are FMO, the Federation of Muslim Organisations in Leicestershire, where he is elected spokesperson for more than 200 organisations. The Muslim Burial Council of Leistershire is another important accomplishment of his. In this conversation he talks about his life and service that has made him both a Member of British Empire (MBE) and Her Majesty’s Deputy Lieutenant (DL).